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Traffic Operations Centers

MDOT's mission is to provide the highest quality integrated transportation services for economic benefit and improved quality of life. For more than 50 years, we have been committed to improving safety and mobility for travelers and goods on our roadway network.Through dedicated teamwork and responsible leadership, MDOT is committed to safe, efficient and sustainable transportation system for all users. Our transportation program focuses on executing incident management activities; providing construction activity information; reducing congestion and crashes along the interstates and arterial corridors; and providing real time traveler information to the public.


The Southeast Michigan Transportation Operations Center (SEMTOC), The West Michigan TOC (WMTOC), Blue Water Bridge TOC, and the Statewide TOC (STOC) provide 24/7/365 monitoring for more than 12,000 centerline miles of freeway and arterial roadway within Michigan. Each center provides services that include:

  • Maintaining safe and effective travel is a high priority. MDOT's TOCs work closely with its partners to enhance the driving experience through quick clearance efforts and improving responder and motorist safety on the roadways. Our centers provide training and workshops that support MDOT's emergency response training initiatives; focus on sharing lessons learned related to traffic management; and facilitate table top exercises, after action reviews, and mock incidents to review best practices for on scene events.
  • Mi Drive logoPartnering with local agencies and emergency responders to assist with stakeholder coordination, DMS messaging, and traffic monitoring. Serving as communication HUBs used to capture, store, and disseminate essential transportation related information. MDOT utilizes the Mi Drive website ( to provide motorist with an interactive map that presents traffic camera images, average vehicle speed, environmental sensor information, and construction activity.
  • Providing dispatch support services for Freeway Courtesy Patrols (FCP) and first responders actively attending to roadway incidents. Our centers use traffic cameras, local computer-aided dispatch feeds, Internet resources, scanners, and 800—MHz radios to gather and provide responders with as much information as possible prior to arriving on scene.
MDOT’s Report Card Annual 2015 Data
Coordinate Traffic Incident Response between all Responders 4,117 First responders have completed SHRP 2 TIM /Emergency Response training
Reduce Secondary Crashes Reduction of secondary crashes of 4%
Effectively support incident management activities TOC supported 54,981 incidents
Increase coordination efforts using social media Twitter Number of followers
@MichiganDOT 32,634
@MDOT_MetroDet 23,921
@MDOT_West 10,567
@MDOT_Southwest 8,151
@MDOT_Bay 3,486
@MDOT_LanJxn 3,509
@MDOT_A2 3,608
@MDOT_UP 3,760
@MDOT_Traverse 2,096
@MDOT_Rail 2,312
@MDOT_BWB 1,486
@MDOT_MediaClips 398
  95,928 Total
Facebook 17,514 Total