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Truck Parking Management

Truck parking at public rest areas, particularly along I-94 in western Michigan, often overflows onto the shoulders of rest area ramps, freeway ramps and adjacent roads, creating safety concerns for other motorists and for the commercial vehicle operators. The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has implemented a Truck Parking Information and Management System (TPIMS) along I-94 from 1.5 miles south of the Indiana border through mile marker 128, just west of Parma, MI.

This segment contains five public rest areas with a maximum truck parking capacity of only 158 spaces, and trucks are parking on the shoulder of I-94 creating a safety concern. More than 1,000 additional spaces are available at private truck stops along the corridor segment. However, parking availability information at these facilities, public or private, is not disseminated to drivers.

The truck parking system measures parking availability at both public and private lots in the corridor, and then distributes that information over a variety of electronic media including dynamic truck parking signs, a mobile phone application, the MI Drive traveler information web site, and connected vehicle technology. The system, leverages a public-private-partnership to collect and disseminate parking availability information to ultimately align parking demand with supply, thereby reducing illegal parking activities along public facilities. The system provides a reliable information stream to the truckers.