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Safety Pilot Program

The Safety Pilot Model Deployment in Michigan has developed a core area of expertise in the development and deployment of Connected Vehicle systems. This provides a sound base for growing the Safety Pilot model deployment into a truly regional connected vehicle deployment.

Working in partnership with automotive manufacturers such as GM and Ford, the University of Michigan, the Road Commission for Oakland County, and a number of other partners, MDOT has set a vision for a "Smart Corridor" going through a large segment of southeast Michigan, centered along the freeway and surrounding arterial network in the metropolitan Detroit area. This corridor goes through the heart of Michigan's automotive and technology development area, and links to several other connected vehicle deployments, including the USDOT's test bed in Oakland County, a deployment in the City of Detroit to support the 2014 ITS World Congress, and the Safety Pilot Model Deployment/Ann Arbor Test Environment in Ann Arbor.

This represents a multi-year investment and progress. Michigan's vision is to have a "connected region" and a "connected state".