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I-69 Truck Platooning

The U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) located in Warren, Michigan, is the Army's leading developer of ground vehicle technology. Collaborating with MDOT is a natural fit, as Michigan's roadways provide TARDEC with the ability to test new capabilities nearby in a spectrum of real-world environments.

TARDEC logoTARDEC has also found in MDOT a collaborative partner who leans forward with us, looking to stay ahead of the rapid advances in automobile and mobility technology. Where MDOT can provide the environment and support for honing these technologies on the public roadways, TARDEC provides the technological expertise and background in testing and evaluation techniques.

TARDEC and MDOT are coordinating to conduct testing of dedicated short-range radio (DSRC) systems between roadside radios and TARDEC convoy vehicles. These tests pave the way for future TARDEC tests of its advanced platooning and automated driving technologies, whose use on public roadways will require effective and efficient digital communication with civilian vehicles and infrastructure. Collaborative partnership—like that which TARDEC shares with MDOT—streamline the innovation and capability development process for the Warfighter while enhancing the automobile research and development focus in Michigan.