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I-275 Work Zone

MDOT is populating and maintaining real-time work zone information for the major I-275 reconstruction project. I-275 runs north/south connecting I-75, I-94, and I-96 while also passing directly west of the Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

Currently MDOT collects and stores basic data regarding work zone projects across the State. For this pilot project, MDOT is partnering with third party or parties to collect, store, and disseminate higher resolution data on this work zone and update the information much more frequently than typical. This information is then being made available via a real-time data feed to our partner(s) third party traveler information application(s) for mobile devices, and/or in-vehicle applications to then be shared with your customers on behalf of MDOT. This has provided a tremendous opportunity for testing in a real world environment and is open to all interested parties with applications, equipment, etc.

There are two critical opportunities that exist with the I-275 construction project. The first is to provide real time traveler information to motorists in the area. A majority of the motoring public does not have vehicles equipped with technology to receive real-time information directly into their vehicle. Partners will have the opportunity to receive real-time work zone information from the MDOT data feed and disseminate it to the general public via safe and effective communication methods, e.g. mobile device applications, in-vehicle applications.