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Data Use Analysis and Processing (DUAP) Program

The DUAP Program is an MDOT initiative that investigates how this data, and other mobile and fixed data, can be used to increase the efficiency in the way the agency manages and operates itself. The DUAP program will develop a system that integrates data from CV, mobile, and fixed data sources, and analyzes the data to determine traffic, weather, and asset conditions. MDOT has begun investigating ways to utilize this data to manage agency performance, and transportation system operations.

The MDOT DUAP program provides a platform and system that supports performance management by enhancing agency-wide usage of CV data, mobile data, and fixed data to increase data sharing, availability, and awareness across the agency. By accomplishing this objective, MDOT decision makers will be equipped with more robust, near-time data from CVs, mobile platforms, and other internal MDOT systems. Receiving this information on a timelier basis will allow for decision making in support of agency objectives at reduced costs and with increased operational efficiency. Towards this objective, the cornerstone of the DUAP program is to integrate CV data, mobile data, and fixed data into a unified system of systems that is accessible by personnel across MDOT. This will provide MDOT system users with a platform to iteratively define, analyze, and refine their need for making decisions.

The DUAP system itself is a large-scale data collection system designed to ingest data from multiple data sources to be processed, stored and made accessible to users of the system. It is also designed to be flexible, scalable, and maintainable, while providing the following capabilities:

  • Operate as a collection point for large amounts of data from many sources
  • Allow new data sources to be integrated as they become available
  • Sustain existing data sources that are still viable
  • Minimize costs by creating processes that are configurable
  • Act as a collection of processing methods for:
      • Parsing data from its original format
      • Transforming data into more useful formats
      • Storing data in a database
      • Securing data
      • Ensuring data integrity
  • Provide the means for accessing data from the database
  • Provide a collection of web services that process the stored data to provide information
  • Provide a collection of developed applications that share and disseminate information to the users of the system
  • Act as a data source for other MDOT systems and applications